You will get higher prices regardless of what your competitors or the economy are doing.

As you might suspect, that promise has raised more than a few eyebrows. This video explains, not only that it’s possible, buy highlights the the difference in results between premium-price and low-price strategy companies.


Sales Growth > Price Increase

Lori business pic

“When Dale told me the price I should be charging I thought ‘My customers will never pay that,’ then I realized that my existing customers weren’t really the market I was going to target. Dale’s pricing was right in line with my new market.”

Lori St. Clair, President
On Target For Profitable Growth


“I initiated a double digit price increase to my embroidery clients…I never lost a customer, and sales are actually up since the increase.”

Jeff Charlton, President 
Graphic Connections Group

Ron Ameln

“I raised my prices 5%, my revenues grew 8%.”

Ron Ameln, President
St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Jay King

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that our revenues grew even faster than the price increase.”

Jay King, CEO
Simploy, Inc.

John Concannon

“I discovered that I was 25% higher than my competitors. I recalled Dale’s message…I not only got the business, I got a referral.”

John Concannon
The Charles Crane Agency

John Hartwig

“By understanding the value of our services to our clients, we have been able to raise our price and provide even better service.”

John Hartwig, CEO

Give Dale a call at 314-707-3771; he’ll help you get premium prices

regardless of what your competitors or the economy are doing.


There are 5 elements that are essential to a premium price strategy – a strategy that will help you enjoy higher prices regardless of what your competitors or the economy are doing.  All 5 elements are included in your package including:

  • A clear brand promise – too many business owners talk about what their company does instead of what the customer will get.
  • A psychographic profile of your ideal customer – demographics tell you who is buying, psychographics tell you why they’re buying.
  • A positioning statement that attracts customers who value what you offer enough to pay a premium price in good times or bad.
  • Sales scripts that convert your benefit statements into dollars and cents value.
  • Bundling and pricing that offer your customers options while maintaining margin integrity for your company.
If any of these 5 elements is missing or incongruent, you’re confusing potential customers.  When confused, customers automatically defer to price in making their pricing decision.

Give me a call at 314-707-3771 and we’ll tailor a package to your markets. 20% is low-hanging fruit, many clients get multiples of what they’d gotten previously.

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