Getting comfortable with change

Seldom in history has the world been as poised and desirous of change as it is today.  The old adage that people abhor change doesn’t hold true today.

The pendulum of life

To me life has always seemed like a pendulum, it swings to extremes yet always to return to its center. It’s at the extremes that we see people not only desire change, but become active in effecting change.

An iterative process

We’d really like to know precisely what we need to do to get back to center where life is good, fair and enjoyable…whatever those terms mean to you. The reality is that all we know is that things have to change. We’re not sure specifically what needs to change, but we have a vision of the outcome we desire.

Lacking specificity in how to get that outcome, we are destined to experiment…to go through one iteration after another, making course corrections along the way, until we are near the destination we have in mind. We rarely get all the way there. Even if we do, we stray from the ideal in hopes of getting even better results.

Painful, yet beneficial

While this iterative process can be, and often is, painful. There are a number of benefits that come from the effort.

  • People become more active in creating their own destinies.
  • The will of the people reminds ‘leaders’ that they serve at our pleasure.
  • We tend toward moderation; a more centrist, balanced position, away from the extremes and the pain they engender.
  • We learn a great deal about ourselves and how to collaborate more effectively with others.
  • We stop feeling like victims as we regain control of our destinies.

This is the path on which we’ve embarked, not just here in the U.S., but as evidenced by the worldwide women’s march, the alignment here in the U.S. of the executive and legislative branches of our government, in Great Britain’s population’s decision to exit the European Union.

Will there be pain? Absolutely! But then there already was pain…that’s what triggered the desire for change.


Unfortunately I can’t recall the source of this wisdom, but the author said “Change is fun…if you’re the one initiating it.” Change is going to occur, the question is “Do you want to initiate it or have if foist upon you?” Choose wisely.

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