You are the greatest influence in childhood development.

As you embrace the concepts in these books, you’ll:

Confidence Cover
Be confident…

…even when you have no background or experience.

Confidence is power!

Overcome six tendencies that plague us all…

…in doing so, attract more opportunities than you imagined possible.

Tap into the power of the universe for solutions and inspiring ideas.

You’re already connected, learn to use it.

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  • Be more confident…even when you have no background or experience dealing with the issue.
  • Acknowledge and overcome six natural tendencies that are detrimental to your success.
  • Discover how to tap into the power of the universe, at will, for solutions and inspiring ideas.
Your behavioral changes, and the success and wonder they engender, will encourage others to change as well, including the children in your life.

Here’s what we know about kids


  • Are extremely observant…much more so than we realize.
  • Mimic the behaviors of close family members…whether we want them to or not.
  • Are unencumbered by “past experience”…consequently, learn more quickly than we do.

To illustrate this point, a CEO I coached on Stand Out From The Crowd concepts told me that his 10-year-old son had, from merely observing his dad, used one of the steps in that book to mitigate his punishment.

Help them find joy, peace, and fulfillment at an early age

Here are some tips for each stage of development:


Although I write using everyday language and examples, kids 8 to 10 years old might not have the experience to relate to some examples. You’ll be able to offer age-appropriate alternatives.

Start reading these books to them at an early age. Neuro-scientists tell us that even when children don’t understand the words, they associate emotions with words and context, accelerating vocabulary and emotional development.


I have worked with high school kids for two decades. They are quite capable of understanding the language and the examples.

The key is gaining their interest. Although, given the drama in their lives, having them research their problems in these books might spur their interest.

If you ask their opinion on what you’re learning, your odds go up dramatically.


Even when they’re grown, they need refreshers. As adults we forget what we’ve learned, get overwhelmed, act emotionally, and face new challenges and learning curves.

At times like these, the concepts in these books are invaluable. They’re designed to be ready references for the future for you as well as your kids.

At the end of the day, the greatest impact that you’ll have on your kids is the behavior they observe.

Embrace your power and you’ll assure greater joy, peace, and fulfillment for future generations of your family.