Emotions: Messages from the Universe?

There’s very little that most of us know about our emotions.  Most of us understand that the emotions we feel are triggered by what we experience.  We know that our emotions are automatic responses. In other words we don’t choose the emotion we’re experiencing, it just happens.  We also know that we’d like to have more pleasant emotional experiences and fewer negative ones.  Beyond that our knowledge is pretty limited.


One of the reasons why we don’t understand our emotions better is that they operate in our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind has the characteristics of quantum physics where things occur that are difficult to imagine much less explain.  Yet we are making progress in understanding both.

What I’ve learned over many decades of studying human nature and human behavior is that our emotions are messages from God, the Universe, or whatever other name you have for the higher power that exists in your lives.

Our subconscious mind is our link to this higher power.  The emotions that we experience are messages from this higher power. 

The positive emotions we feel are messages that we’re doing things right.  We feel good when we learn new things, are asked for our opinion or help others.  In these efforts we’re contributing to the welfare of society which makes us feel good.

Conversely, when we’re experiencing negative emotions the higher power is telling us that we’ve become egocentric or are fighting our nature.  Procrastination is a classic example of us trying to force ourselves to do something that we don’t enjoy or are ill-equipped to accomplish.

Anger, frustration and jealousy are indications that we’re focused on what we want instead of what’s mutually-beneficial to all parties involved.  That’s the higher power telling us that we’ve become egocentric and we need to refocus on blending others’ needs with our own.


The next time you experience an emotion ask yourself “What is the universe telling me?”  You’ll discover that you’re contributing to every emotional experience you have.  More importantly, you’ll discover what behaviors to avoid so that you can enjoy more of the pleasant emotions and fewer of the negative ones.  Enjoy!

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