Another life shift

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Those of you who are long-time readers of my blogs know, and may possibly be frustrated, by the evolution of my interests and direction. For those of you whom I’ve frustrated my apologies.

As you’ve seen in the For Our Kids blog post, my focus has shifted to bringing the messages of confidence, counterintuitive thinking and personal awareness to kids. Having said that, I try incorporate examples in business and dealings with other adults as well to make the messages relevant to people of all ages and interests.

Because I believe that focus is an essential element of success, I’m discontinuing The Life Others’ Desire blog in favor of the For Our Kids blog. I view it as a evolution more than an end of an era. I hope that you will as well.

My goal with the For Our Kids blog is to continue to provide you with the counterintuitive, confidence building insights of I always have, simply in a form that enables you to help the youngsters in your life as well as yourself.

I want to thank all of you for the kind, encouraging comments you’ve sent me over the years in each of the blogs I’ve written. I hope that you’ll continue to be readers of For Our Kids and share those posts with loved ones, friends, colleagues and educators. As always my sincere wish that you enjoy all the best life has to offer.

Dale Furtwengler

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