They said they wanted my life. What they really wanted was to be free of fear, anxiety and frustration.Dale Furtwengler

Free Yourself!

We all suffer fear, anxiety and frustration. The good news is that, with the help of the Awareness Trilogy and related programs, you can train your mind to, within milliseconds, set these negative emotions aside and move forward with CONFIDENCE.


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Be confident…even when you have no prior experience.

Attract opportunities instead of pursuing them by overcoming natural tendencies that get in the way of your success.

Your subconscious mind is your link to the Universe. Learn to tap into its power consciously and at will.

This trilogy holds the keys to confidence, influence, joy and success…THE LIFE OTHERS DESIRE.

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While we all struggle with fear, anxiety and frustration by virtue of our humanity, the struggles can differ by gender and stage of life. Here are some examples:



We’re taught not to admit our vulnerabilities, to fake it when in doubt, not to let others see us sweat.

The reality is that the most confident among us, men and women alike, readily admit that we don’t have all the answers.


business woman

Power is beautiful!

Unfortunately many women:

  • Don’t recognize the power they possess.
  • Discount the power they do recognize.
  • Give too much weight to others’ perceptions of them.
I created the POWER IS BEAUTIFUL Podcast Series to help you embrace your power and enhance your beauty.



There’s compelling evidence that many of the fears kids experience are learned. They are learned by observing their parents’ behaviors.

With the AWARENESS TRILOGY you can teach your child confidence and critical thinking instead of passing along your fears, anxiety and frustration.

Visit to view some of the lessons you and your child can learn from the AWARENESS TRILOGY.

Improve ALL Aspects of Your Life



It all begins with you. When you free yourself of doubt, fear, anxiety and frustration, you strengthen relation-ships with your life partner, family, and friends.

But it doesn’t stop there.



When you feel powerful, you:

  • Make better decisions, quickly.
  • Hire highly-talented people and trust them to do their jobs.
  • Don’t tolerate insatiable customers, employees who don’t perform, or unreliable vendors.

You create a culture that elevates everyone with whom you deal while accelerating your company’s growth and profitability.

I Want Your Life


When you live free of doubt, fear, anxiety, and frustration, the children in your life mimic your behavior and, as a result, also live lives others desire.

Your legacy will be generations of families who enjoy lives filled with joy, peace and fulfillment.


Confidence CoverCover_6x9_V4_Front_forwebUniverse_Cover_6x9_V3-01

Be confident…

…even when you have no background or ex-perience.

Confidence is power!

Overcome six tend-encies that plague us all…

…in doing so, you’ll attract opportunities instead of pursuing them.

Tap the power of the Universe for solutions and inspiring ideas.

You are connected to the Universe, learn to use your connection consciously and at will.

This trilogy holds the keys to confidence, influence, joy & success…

…to the life others desire.

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